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The second touch

"My Father is always working, and so am I." John 5:17

I love the thought that our heavenly Father is always working. In whatever situation we find ourselves in, he is already there. Ours can only ever be the second touch, the second footstep because He is there before us. His grace goes first into every situation and is actively working a miracle before we get there. Jesus explained this when he said that he could only do what he saw the Father doing (John 5:19). In other words Jesus did not do anything by himself but observed what the Father was doing in any situation and did exactly the same!

So where is God working? Many years ago King David of Israel wrote “Where can I flee from your presence?” and then lists the most unlikely or remote places and then concludes, “even there your hand shall lead me” and in the darkest place he is present for “darkness is as light with you.” There is no place in your life where God is not working, there is no place you can go to where he is not working and there is no place he can lead you to where God is not working.

The brilliance of this is wherever you are right now your mission is to observe what the Father is doing and to partner with him and do the same. What a privilege! This is changing my perspective on what I am doing from day to day and at all times. When I have anxiety about what may happen in the future, or feel frustrated in some current situation, my thoughts are more and more “What are you doing here Father and what am I to do or say?” What amazing, wonderful, good work am I to share with you today?

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