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Do you know that every Christian has within their DNA a hunger for the impossible? You were created for a life of extraordinary miracles, intimacy with the God of the universe and to impact this world with a heavenly kingdom!

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Go on a journey

The School of Supernatural life is a nine-month journey to discover your identity, learn to walk in intimacy and receive boldness and joy!

This year we are excited to walk into more of what God in you and through you. The SSL Online school will empower you to live like Jesus, to see the sick healed, the oppressed set free, the lost saved and the broken-hearted restored. You will be on a mission to bring transformation wherever you go, and your heart will overflow with a new passion and hope.


SSL Online

SSL Online is an evening based school, hosted in Milton Keynes, England, but also run online over Zoom which is excellent for connecting you to SSL, even if you are many miles away.


Dates are available here.

With guest speakers, coaching small groups, targeted activations (exercises) and outreach you will have an amazing year!

You will also have a full curriculum, with three terms covering your identity as a believer, intimacy with the Godhead and impact of the Kingdom of Heaven in the world.

We love meeting and worshipping together and to have those moments when we sense the presence of Jesus with each of us wherever we are in the world!

Be Connected

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The school is a connected community with over 4 nations represented in our current year.

Experience transformation with an international community and be encouraged by what God is doing in all our nations!

"I love the way God sets me up! The people I met this week were all so open to God and so grateful. Before SSL I used to talk to people about Jesus but not actively ask Him for words for them. Enjoying stepping out and going deeper!"

Cally Magalhães

Author and Team at SSL



At SSL you will find yourself in worship regularly, and we celebrate and honour the presence of God, being in that moment when everything changes and our hearts are aligned to His. These have been some of the most amazing times and such a joy for the team to see.

From a place of living out of your identity you will learn how to prophesy over others, heal the sick, speak words of life and reach the lost. You will use practice exercises called activations to hone your skills and learn in a safe environment. Even if it all goes wrong we celebrate obedience over outcome and your boldness in going for it!

We do all this in coaching groups which quickly become like family.


The place where you can be real, be encouraged and encourage others too. It has been awesome to see people come alive and gifts emerge, so special.


We love our communities too and outreach is integral to our DNA. We will boldly take SSL out from our buildings and onto the streets several times through the year where we radically love our cities, our neighbours and those we meet. And yes, you can do it and it is great fun!

Mission & Vision

At SSL we will intentionally create a culture of family, journeying together with authenticity, acceptance and honour. We enjoy freedom to be ourselves, take risks and make mistakes.

We look for faith-filled expectation, keeping us hungry for more. 
And finally we need to have fun, let's laugh ‘til it hurts.


Each year works out differently! We love responding to what we feel the Father is saying and the dynamic of  learning new things all the time! One of the things we often say is “There is always more”. But as we have nearly 40 sessions over the three terms you can expect to cover areas such as;

The Father Heart of God

Your Identity as a Believer

Power and Authority

Healing and Miracles

Moving in the Prophetic

God's Heart for the Lost

Encounters in Worship

The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

Prayer and Encounter

Supernatural Rest


Hosting Revival

Living out of Declarations

Discovering your SHAPE

Spiritual Gifts

Soul Traps

Purity and Holiness

Prayer Encounters

Forgiveness and Freedom

Intercessory Prayer

Mission, Miracles and Mystery

Dream Interpretation

Kingdom Impact

Navigating this New Normal

Reach the Nations 

Living in Joy

Overcoming Shame

Maintaining Momentum

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