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I am heavy!

Emma Stark spoke to us about the glory of God being heavy or 'Kabod' which is the Hebrew word used to describe the weight of his presence. Her prophecy was that God was seeking communities of worship that would be strong enough to bear his glory. Heaven is full of worship. The picture of the throne room alone has over one hundred million Angels, plus four living creatures and twenty-four elders casting crowns before the lamb and worshipping! I have thought more on how God looks for worshippers and how worship was a frequent part of the battle strategy for overcoming the enemies of Israel. Authority and rule is in worship as the lamb sits on the throne. We have the privilege of learning how to worship now for when we will do so in eternity. But there is so much more as how imperative is it that the glory and presence of God is among us now on the great mission for Gods glory to fill the earth. Let us be weight bearers of that worship.

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