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Supernatural stories

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Ever wondered if God has more in store for you than you’re currently experiencing? Let these testimonies from previous School of Supernatural Life students raise your expectations!

Over the last few years our school has been equipping Christians in churches across MK and beyond. The foundation is knowing our identity as beloved children of our heavenly Father. From this we can grow in intimacy with him and live with Christ’s authority to impact our world for his kingdom.

Father’s healing embrace

Beatrice came on SSL knowing she needed greater intimacy with God. ‘During the Father Heart weekend, we were asked to think of a father figure from our lives – my mind was blank, I couldn’t see any face. My father died when I was three days old and I never had any fatherly relationship.’ After prayer Beatrice still couldn’t feel anything, but the next day during her quiet time she found there had been a change. ‘I called my daddy, he answered and I felt his love. Since then I have been enjoying a wonderful intimate relationship with my Father God.’

Hearing God

The Holy Spirit wants to speak to us, and many students have received breakthrough through the prophetic. Estian never doubted the legitimacy of supernatural signs but was concerned that prophesies could often be so general they could apply to almost anyone’s life. ‘Shortly after the teaching on prophecy I attended a ministers’ lunch where a leader with whom I’d had limited prior contact prophesied over me an almost exact reaffirmation of a specific word I had received some months earlier. This came at a time when I was in desperate need of reassurance in the area the prophecy concerned.’

Terri now partners with God to bring prophetic encouragement to the people she meets. ‘This has been a real encouragement for me and most of the time the word has been spot on. Through stepping out God has used me even though sometimes I’ve been scared!’

Healing in Jesus’ name

Knowing that God’s heart is to restore people emboldens us as we pray for healing. SSL students have prayed and seen people healed of conditions such as arthritis, back pain, stomach problems and cancer. Nic’s dad, a non-Christian, had acute pain and limited movement in his neck. The medical profession told him that he could have an operation for the pain but it would leave his neck immobile. Nic says, ‘I’d seen Bill Johnson commanding creative miracles for neck pain and was inspired to believe God would “do it again”! I asked my dad if I could pray for his neck and he agreed. A week later he told me that the pain had completely gone and put it down to “my little prayer”! I told him it was God’s healing power!’

Stepping outwards and onwards

On SSL we love to bless people and believe that God wants to meet them where they are. Jackie was nervous about outreach but went to give away chocolates in the street and was amazed how this gesture opened people up. ‘I was able to pray with people for their health problems, their exams and their families. God was able to take what I offered and do far more!’

We believe God for supernatural breakthroughs in our work places too. Abi had been pushing for a pay rise for 2 years for the customer care team she managed. Eventually, one of her best workers was on the brink of handing in their notice. Abi was told that a pay rise mid-financial year was close to impossible, so ‘I went outside for a walk and literally cried out to God, actually shouted at him that he was the only one that could move this mountain and could he get a wiggle on, please! Within a week, the entire team got a 16 per cent pay rise!’

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