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Real exposure!

As I was talking with Tim Williams, Site Leader for Fox Milne when Tim mentioned King David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant as it was led into Jerusalem in 2 Samuel Chapter 6. For days afterwards I have heard God speak to me about what occurred on that day. I felt the Lord tell me to consider what David was making happen in the account. As I did it occurred to me that David was not just observing what God was doing that day, or even following what God was doing but he was actually ahead of what God was doing. He takes off his royal clothes and wildly dances before (in front of) the Ark as it was carried. With his total abandonment and joy David brought the very presence and favour of God into the city. Normally lawful for only priests to lead the way, on this occasion the King humbles himself and follows his heart in reckless worship.

Some would say David broke all the rules that day and was an undignified mess, and yet I felt excited and moved that God would allow himself to be attracted to and even follow devotion like that. The thought was powerful as I feel on SSL we as students and team are drawn to be wholly devoted and in a place of exposure, risk and danger, placing ourselves ahead of what God is doing and in the way of his grace. But that Father would partner with us in this way!

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