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What is the School of Missional Life?

We believe that the destiny of every disciple of Jesus to know a radical identity as a loved child of God, to encounter his heart, to walk in signs and wonders,  Jesus and to make disciples of all nations

At the school our passion is to equip and inspire you to live a radically supernatural lifestyle to bring the kingdom of heaven wherever you go! 

With three core modules of your amazing identity in Jesus, a walk of encounter and connection, and a life that has powerful kingdom impact, you will see personal transformation and revival.

The transformational  school runs over Zoom for 39 units, on a Thursday night from 7.30 to 9.30pm (UTC) over three terms with one weekend online conference.


SML Online

SML Online is a dynamic and empowering school hosted in Milton Keynes, UK, but an online community for students to connect for a very unique journey.

Over the last nine years we have seen hundreds of students discover more of the riches of their identity in Jesus, experience awesome moments of encounter with the Father which becomes a lifestyle, and have hearts transformed to impact a hurting world with a loving message of hope.

It's what you were created for.

We have seen many nations touched and it is a joy to connect with and learn from Europe and further afield to be a real community of disciples together.


We use small coaching groups and assignments to encourage you and stir you to fulfil your potential!

We draw in teachers from all over the world who have paved the way before to inspire you and impart to you some of their fire!

Be bold and courageous. There is more.

Our values at School of Missional Life

Our mission and goals for you

Loving others

  • We will love people to life unconditionally.

  • We will give ourselves, recognising that a radically supernatural lifestyle only comes from the overflow of an intimate relationship with Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

  • We will encourage and spur each other on to radical love, as compassion is the release for the miraculous.

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Loving God

  • We will value, enjoy and partner with the reality of God’s presence, even through online worship as we have found no limit to what God can do!  

  • We expect to grow in our capacity to carry His presence in our everyday lives.

  • We will live as extravagantly laid down lovers

Mission Insights

To raise & release Revivalists who are...
“... sons or daughters of God who carry heaven within them and intentionally release life to the world around them.” 

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Brian Stocker-min.jpg

Rev Brian Stocker,

St Andrews Baptist Church

“As a result of the training and teaching of SSL along with prompts from others and the Holy Spirit, we have committed as a church to focus more on street evangelism....and many in our church are excited about being part of this. God is blessing my ministry through me attending SSL."

Ross Dilnot-min.jpg

Rev Ross Dilnot,

Shenley Christian Fellowship

“Put simply, SSL changed my spiritual journey - it woke me up to the reality of who I am in Christ.  As a Christian I had become stale in my faith.  Through SSL the Holy Spirit re-lit my fire of passion and commitment to Jesus and to the local church.  This is a course that every Christian should go on, because everyone will get something life changing from it - from Jesus.”

Pete Carter-min.jpg

Dr Pete Carter,

North Kent Community Church

"I would encourage people to join this school. For their individual benefit and also that they go on a journey with their fellow students. Its a journey of faith and an opportunity to develop your full potential as a Christian."

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