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Yesterday's victory

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

In recent months I have achieved victories over bad health, which is wonderful, but it is not the end of the story. Life goes on and I find it is not that easy to hang on to what I already have. So I have been thinking about how to keep hold of victory.

Why is that an issue?

We live in a world where nothing lasts for ever. We are so used to things fading, getting older, wearing out so it is easy to expect that of the Kingdom as well.

Also we are used to seasons – summer, winter etc. But also economic cycles, tides, moon waxing and waning – everything comes and goes.

So I find myself half expecting that the victory won’t last, or perhaps fearing it won’t last.

Citizens of heaven

We are living in this world but we are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven and there everything lasts for ever.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

So I have realized that holding onto, and walking in the victory I have already experienced is about walking in the Kingdom rather than by the rules of this world.

Live by faith and not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7


I was recently given prophetically the passage about the armour of God in Ephesians 6:10-17

This is about putting on truth etc so we can stand. This is exactly my issue – I want to stand. I already have the victory but I want to keep it. So I am trying, as many people already do, to put on the armour deliberately each morning. This is my armour...

Belt of Truth – You are God Almighty, I am your child. There is lots more truth available but I thought that would do for a start

Breastplate of righteousness – Comes from Jesus. As Dave has pointed out recently, the whole armour comes from Jesus so what we are really saying is put on Jesus. Righteousness of course has consequences – instant access to the throne room, since 'the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (James 5:16)' then my prayers are also effective.

Shoes of the gospel of peace – Of course the gospel comes from Jesus but shoes implies walking so I need to take the gospel. Expect opposition but expect victory.

Shield of faith – I need to take this up and ask for it to be strengthened. 1 Timothy 6:11 says ‘pursue faith’

Helmet of salvation – identifies who I am – a new creation and therefore I live in the new where nothing fades not the old

Sword of the Spirit – word of God. Often commented that this is the only active weapon though I am not sure as I think the shoes are quite active. But it is the one offensive weapon which Jesus Himself used to defeat the devil.

Put on Jesus

As many have pointed out, the armour of God basically amounts to putting on Jesus because He is the source of all of them.

He Himself said something similar in John 15. This passage talks about ‘remain in me’ . Says it seven times in a few verses which must be to ensure we realize how important this is.

So my daily attempt to retain victory amounts to this:

1. Deliberately put on Jesus each day

2. Choose to remain in Him as close as possible

Feel free to ask me how I am doing with this!

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